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See discussion Is DopeWars really the best app in Simulation category? See discussion. DopeWars is a highly addictive drug dealing game, in which you quite obviously deal drugs. Related Links. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. If you get injured, pop in to see the local doctor at his surgery, but look out - he has no scruples, and you have kidneys. A bad combination. Listen out for the crazy old lady, too.

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She sure has some wacky things to say, but occasionally, she'll give you a very handy tip off, which is essential to your financial success in Dope Wars. Also, keep an eye out and cash on hand for the chance to buy a larger coat. More space, more profit! Good luck my friend, you're sure going to need it!! This is the ad-supported version.

The full version removes ads, allows 15, 60, 90, and day game lengths, shows arrows indicating direction of daily price changes, and adds the powerful RCL weapon. This version of Dope Wars is ported directly from the wildly popular version of the PC game, also from Beermat Software. Same great addictive game play, modified for your mobile device! If you find any bugs in Dope Wars , or would like to see new features added to Dope Wars, please drop us an email at support beermatsoftware. With no shortage of customization, this game is great for nostalgia, but also an excellent, fast paced competition between friends.

Indeed, the game maintains the charm of the original, but is still packed full of new features. I find this game again really suits my need for touch screen gaming satisfaction. I'm sorry that not partially repaying a loan makes this a one star app for you. Chronic Another Windows version, with graphics. A Windows version written in Visual Basic, and set in St. Source code available on request. Shareware; registration required. Drug Wars. Drug Lord. Drug Lord 2. A free Windows version.

DopeWars for PalmOS. Matt Lee's classic PalmOS version.

Freeware, with source code. Dopewars for PocketPC. Dopewars for Blackberry. Dopewars for Psion Palmanac Software. Available for the Psion Series 5 or Series 7. Dope Mart.

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An online version of the game. Java Dope Wars. Another online version. Online multi-player version. Online dopewars.

Dope Wars 2.2: Free Download

Another online multi-player version, which is closely based on the dopewars from this site. For playing dopewars on your mobile phone. DopeWars for the Amiga dopewars in Perl All of a sudden the game just stops for no reason, and I have to restart. What's going on? You only get a month 31 days to make your fortune; after this your time is up!