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Hi Mark Did you get your 80GB 1. It have ordered some more ZIF cables from ebay. Would love to get rid of this damn SSD! Finally up and running. New zip to lif cables ordered from ebay came yesterday. Installed new cables and drive was recognized first try… I had a feeling I damaged the original ribbon when forcing into the samsung drive. Anyway, I am greatful to be up and running and the computer is running smooth with a fresh copy of xp home. Going to install linux ubuntu 9.

Thanks again for all your suggestions out there. Without these posts, and tnkgirl of course, I would be in the gutter…lol…. Hi Mark, Where did you order your cables from on ebay? I have the same problem Thanks. Hey Keith, I had the exact problem as Mark, and had to order some flip cables from eBay as well. Go to eBay and search for zif flip. I got the 3 pack 5cm, a 3 pack 10cm, and a 3 pack of original.

I have tried 10cm zif cable and 10cm switch zif cable from eBay — the difference being the normal cable has contacts on same side the switch has contacts on opposite sides. Anyway neither works — disc not recognised and I have damaged original cable. Hi Mark and TnkGrl, I am having the same problem with my connector. I was trying to connect the original zif cable from my Acer one to the new hard drive that tnkgrl is using. And yes it was cheaper getting the drive from Ebay. Ok, so my problem is the cord will not fit the drive. I tried to force it in and only the corners of the cord fits. In doing so, I bent the cord too, trying so hard to get it fit.

Mark you were able to buy a new zif cable. What cable did you buy exactly. You ordered a zif zip??? What is the name of the zif cable or brand. I guess I am asking where you got yours I would like to get for there are so many cables and I am not sure what to get. I would like to get my Acer up and running too!!

Please help!! Sincerely Keeya. I would reset the cmos bios to your motherboard. You will fund battery under the mother board that looks like a watch battery. Take it out carefully without damaging the battery holder. Leave battery out for 5 min. I would than get a new zif to lif ribbon for 1. Ebay sellers are selling these for samsung and hitachi drives. Again, read the description carefully. You want a zif to lif cable for hitachi or samsung 1. Once you get the new cable insert it carefully into the motherboard and the opposite side pata drive.

If computer does not recognize, try flippon the cable over on the pata drive and try agin. It might take a few tries but shoild work. Resetting the cmos might help so try doing this first than trying the new cables. If you need a cable I can send u one since I have some left. I ordered from ebay and they came from Hong Kong in about a week.

Hope this helps. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for the speedy answer. I will try this. Good thing the acer one is so cheap. How much do you want for the cable? You can hit me up at mizkeeya gmail. For all of you looking for zif to lif cable on e-bay, I bought mine from E-Bay user i These cables work on samsung and hitachi 1.

Please insert the cables carefully without damaging them. Start with 1 end and work towards the opposite side. You should be able to insert ribbon without cutting or sanding. I have a samsung 80gb spinpoint and did not have to cut or sand the ribbon. It took several tries but finally worked. Also, make sure computer is unplugged and then insert ribbon. If nothing when turned on, power off and flip the cable to the pata drive over and power up…again, i had to do this several times and finally worked…. Hello again. I also wanted to mention that I also flashed the bios with the most updated version found here http: In conclusion, one of these steps helped to get my motherboard to recognize the pata drive..

Remember, u do this at your own risk, I suggest reviewing articles online to get an idea of what your doing…its really not that hard and the more you understand the easier the process is….. Locate, if possible, the instruction booklet for your motherboard. If you cannot locate the booklet, then user the motherboard references on this site to locate the manufacturer and see if a manual is available there. You may also want to closely examine the motherboard itself. Now identify where the battery is located on the motherboard.

Normally these batteries are held into place with one or more small clips over the face of the battery. Carefully lift the battery out of its socket and set it aside. Some batteries are actually soldered to the motherboard, so take that into consideration and be careful. Leave the battery our of the computer for about 20 to 30 minutes and then return it to its socket. Bios Basics. This will return the motherboard to either its basic or optimum settings depending upon the motherboard manufacturers settings. You will then need to verify certain settings, such a CPU and memory as well as hard drive type and size recognition.

If you need more information regarding these settings, follow either of these links: After making any final adjustments, save your settings and restart the computer. The Bios password should be gone and the Bios set to its optimum settings. And are 5cm cables long enough? The original cable is about 7. Um, would you be willing to sell your old SSD? Only 8G though larger is available , but costs more — but should be very quick. It will be faster than the SSD, yes, but does it worth it?

Keep in mind that most current 1. I already upgrade the memory and im installing the bluetooth now, im buying the hard drive a toshiba 60GB driveand i want to know if is possible to install two hard drives dont keep in mind space problems , there are other ZIF connector? Thank you for keeping us updated tnkgrl! If some of you are IRC users, drop by onelinux on irc.

In case anyone else was wondering like I was the board will only support a max of 1. Thanks so much for the video on the installation, that keyboard had me completely stumped! I look forward to seeing whatever new ideas you have,. The max is 2gb, it registers as 1. I have a 2gb mhz kingston and it works great. You have to remember it is the chipset which ultimately determines the ram and the intel which has beenj in use for years now is locked to 2gb, but it must be pc That was a huge problem with MPC transport laptops, I get them all the time off Ebay not working because people tried upgrading with lower speed rsm.

Pop in a new stick and I got a nice laptop for 60 dollars plus shipping. I was thinking about adding the 3g to the acer aspire one. Is there a specific one you ordered and why. I was looking at getting this one for the mini pci-e slot http: Any idea if Intel abg wireless card is compatible and could replace the crappy Atheros? Heard of Linux nightmare with Atheros setup and thought we could use some Intel help.

Also, is there a mini-PCI wireless card where This way, there is no need to fork around with soldering gun. Please update us. I think you mix up the Broadcom chipset Linux headaches with the Atheros one. Atheros chipsets are widely supported from kernel 2. Hi tnkgrl! Thank you for posting these very good guides. I love your video verrrrrry much! Is there any way I can use a 2. Great work with the Aspire One. You said you were going to put XP on it… how did that go? To slow to even run properly so please let me know how well it works, or if anyone else on here has experience with the mod please post.

Great work tnkgrl! Now, where can you find a suitable HD? I ended up breaking the connector on the Toshiba. The existing flex cable would not insert. It was a bad day. Any thoughts anybody?? I just got a Bestlink Alpha Netbook. It is a Nokia I have an acct eith T-mobile USA with unltd internet.

Modding the Acer Aspire One – hard drive – tnkgrl Media

In the past I have used a Pocket PC to look at things on the net via my phone. But now I want to have a bigger screen and a keyboard. From the info on the manufacturers web page The uses a version of Linux called 2. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. I was happy to see it turned on. Secondly, when I went to install XP it says that the hard drive is not accessible I am guessing this is because the hard drive is bad. It may not be a perfect answer and it may not be a textbook answer but i saw this question numerous places and no viable answer to the problem, so i took it upon myself to fix this.

I took two black plastic zip ties, and I cut about a quarter inch piece off of the bottom of each I had two clips stuck And I stuck them in perpendicular to the slot. I also would like to know if it is possible to put in a 2. The only problem i see is the connection. Anyone know anything about that? Den Ram habe ich auf 1. Mal sehen ob es funktioniert und ob es mit dem Kabel hinhaut.

Jo these should help you finding a Zif to 2. If you have an idle moment, would you tell me if I committed an ID10T error and ordered an incompatible drive? I am trying to do the same thing and I am having issues sticking the ribbon into the zif connector. I have the exact same hard drive, just a smaller capacity. Hey thanks for the great on the acer aspire one.. Like you, the BIOS reports nothing.

So, it looks like Tnkgrl got lucky with the Samsumg she had lying around. I had the same problem, the cable is actually pretty durable, I had to use quite a bit of force to get it in, it worked for me. Be careful with the edge of the hard drive. In a failed attempt from the reaction force u may scratch the cable with the sharp side of the drive, in effect you may pull out the pins of the cable, this can be fixed by applying force and pulling back.

Sorry it is hard to explain, it is easier to show how I did it, hope you understand. I ordered a Zif to Ide converter to see if it works.. Windows XP SP3 works pretty good.. Yeah it probably is the Harddrive. And majority of the people selling these drives are selling refurbished or one pulled out of an IPod. I got it from http: Not that connector anyway. Its not as easy as it looks. Why would u pull the blue tape it would barely make a difference. All I did was brute force it in. I had a Samsung it is a tight fit, I might open my laptop again I will try to record it for you. Very good work!

I am waiting for the 3G mod. Is it posible to use the empty and not soldered pci e slot? Please, when are you going to have ready this mod? Could you please advance something to us? I am using a Samsung too. Did you flip that black switch before insertion? Was it up or down? Did you align the cable, pins facing down with respect to the logo and drive info sticker , and force it into that very thin slot?

Also did you use any tools to get the cable in? I found that when I tried to apply force, the thing would bend or slip. I added a 1. I was wondering there was something on the original ssd cable just something around the cable. What are the chances of building in wireless for mouse and keybord?

Something that can be switched on and off to preserver power, and which can easily be replaced if necessary? Veneto , you could also just use normal RFID wireless keyboard and mouse setups. It will occupy one of your usb ports. Although in my opinion a full keyboard and mouse defeats the purpose of a netbook sub notebook or whatever you wanna call it. Got my new cables and I tried forcing it in.

Did you put it pin-side facing the harddrive? I am so excited to have stumbled across your fabulous upgrade montage! You are awesome, girl! I just happened to have bought the 2. I had no idea your wonderful tutorials were even here till I Googled for help in opening the case. Thank you, TY, TY! Some questions, if you have time, please? And who will sell just 2? BTW, I like your new Honda too.

Solidus I will try opening the case today to see how I inserted the cable. When I inserted the cable the black lock on the hard drive for the cable was a little hard to close. Also try flipping the cable. The limit is 2gb, it registers as 1. I have a 2gb kingston and it runs well enough. Slow as hell with this 8gb disk, though. I tested the actual depth and I did get the wire all the way in. I then flipped the cable and it was detected by the computer I left the case open to do the tests. After putting it all together I was able to boot it up and install WinXP so all seems to be working.

I noticed that having that double-sided padding tape raises the motherboard slightly on the HDD side. It does so enough that the board needs to be screwed down to connect to the battery. I wonder how much stress this will put on it. Solidus if you watch the Video again you will notice that tnkgrl pads the disk from what used to hold down the SSD drive, just cut it out and the drive will settle down nicely, personally when I found out that I will have to force the drive down, I didnt trust it. But I guess its up to you.

Excellent site and post on modding my new Acer Aspire One. Just a quick question on the Part3 for Adding 3G — any news on when this maybe coming? Pretty please: Excellent news — will keep me eyes posted on your site. Whilst also spreading the word of the good things your doing.

Nice video. Very informative. Interested in replacing the SSD like you did. Was wondering if you think an 8mm thick drive would fit? There are more of them out there that I found in a quick 5 minute search. Also, do you know if the 6 cell battery will fit on a system that came with a 3 cell? I called acer to ask them and they said the product is still to new for them to have any info like that yet!?! After an answer like that I am not even sure they sell replacement parts like a battery or power cord yet. I recommend the 5mm I got it from http: Parts Manual: Info Media: No problem I found it at: I forgot to give the source http: Thanks for the input!

Nothing found in the bios. Got the 5mm thick hdd, but broke the external hdd enclosure during the formatting process. Need to really check the power consumption on the hard drive. Especially Spin up and idle power consumption influence battery capacity. Okay beware there are three different kind of ZIF connectors. Yeah marketing and competition, we found out the hard way last year upgrading mini notebooks…..

Got the 80 gb hdd samsung model: HSHA, problem is the ribbon will not go into the holder in the drive. Any ideas and where can I get a replacement ribbon from as this one may have got damaged! Going to try it next week. Hitachi ZIF drives, and most adapter boards, take a thicker cable end which locks into door-type card connectors that roll toward the card edge. This end is the blue one. Toshiba ZIF drives, and pretty much all others, take a thinner, white cable end, and have a different type of cable lock which rolls down away from the card edge.

Here it is open, and closed — look carefully! Does anyone have some idea about getting the motherboard to recognize this newly installed hard drive? It fits properly, the zif ribbon connects to the board and to the hdd right, but during the boot process, there is no hdd recognized. Downloaded Seagate Disc Wizard to clone installed drive. Not too much trouble getting keyboard off computer.

The key board surround came off easy after I figured out it had to come off with aluminum shielding under keyboard. Everything else is like tnks pictures except for missing jack for SSD. I have some pics my computer apart if you want them.

Great post! Thank you very much for the pictures. The change was quite easy to do and now I am able to use my Aspire One like a real notebook. I replaced the wifi card that came with my A using an Intel card. Worked like a champ with Ubuntu 8. IT was much better than the hit or miss wireless the original card had. After all what good is a netbook with no net? I accidentally broke my screen.

Of you or anyone you know knows of a place to get free replacement screens for aspire one I would be very happy.

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And when my bonus comes in I will give to that person. Enter System Properties, either by right-clicking the My Computer icon on the desktop and selecting Properties or by doing the same to the My Computer icon in the Start Menu. Once the System Properties window has loaded, click the Advanced tab and then click the Settings button under Performance, as shown in Figure Once you are in the performance options, click the Advanced tab again.

Click the Change button that is located under the Virtual Memory section. This will load the Virtual Memory screen. Click the Set button and then click OK three times and you are finished. After you reboot, your page file will be disabled. Follow my instructions and you get the rarest lag with your One. FYI to all…. My battery life was pretty good until I upgraded to the Intel abg. Seems to have done wonders. Even the network led works. For the for the ipod hard drive mod, how did you reformat the hard drive to run an operating system?

Hehe, I tried out this mod today and here I am typing with my new modded One. I cut some plastic to make the drive fit even better under the mobo. The drive I have is pretty much same 60GB Samsung like you have, but I think a bit newer model a bit less than 5mm thick , and it works like a charm!

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I wonder what causes a bit nasty sounding clicking sound when the drive idles a while? If you learn anything, please post here. The main problem is that the drive unloads its heads repeatedly when idling. That shortens the drives life span dramatically. Any help to solve that problem appreciated: Jack The clanking sound you speak of is the Drive being under pressure, which can mean that your hard drive is a very tight fit try making it loose.

I actively follow your Aspire one mod blogs. Can you add a GPS to it? I found a CF card based GPS and did some research but no one had luck so far…Would be a good idea for your next tweaking of aspire one. Known issue with some hard drives. Why I know? Because the temporary solutions mentioned here: After I put the memory and hard drive in I tested it before I put it all back together and it worked.

I hate days like this! Yeah I took it all back apart, took out the new RAM, put the old drive back in… no luck. I did this hack 1. Then decided to upgrade it with a larger capacity disk 1. I also have a hsha. Saheb says turn the cable upside down, but why? It works fine in my external enclosure. So how does flipping the cable help? Which side do I flip? The one on the mother board or going into the drive itself?

Is there any other setup needed for the drive to work? Obviously its painfully sluggish. Saheb, can you show a photo of your bios confirming the hsha is working in your aao? Hey everybody! Could anybody tell me which 80gb 1. And it is tested. Thank you, Saheb how can I contact you?

I had tried it before but I flipped the wrong side. For some reason when I connect to my external case it goes in one way, but when attaching to the system it goes in the other…but not on the mother board end. The actual hard drive connection to the zif wire needs to be the opposite way.

Strange but true. I have a Toshiba 80gb mkgaa disk and it shows in the Bios but i can,t install the os since it wont recognize it…. I saw some posts on an Asus eePc forums with others having the same problem…. Dan I have a spam email fraget80 yahoo. By the way, the part 2 video seem to be unavailable. Steven Raith: Seeing how tnkgrl stopped responding to this thread, I thought I could help. Rob and Saheb: I too have the Samsung HSHA, working and all well except that win7 will not let my aao sleep, hibernate works though.. If you can confirm that sleep works then i know for shure it isnt my HDD, and can move on to check if it is my DW or my BT dongle that i soldered onto the motherboard at the same time.

Mac OS X took 3hrs to install. I had a hard time getting the stock ZIF cable plugged in as it seemed the blue lining of the stock cable was too thick to fit in the connector. Instead of cutting the cable, I just used a little sand paper to make the blue liner thinner. All seems to work fine now. I need serious help here. I bought the Toshiba 1. Its too big! I had no idea it was too big and the connector is totally different.

Chads take a slim object or a minus screwdriver and place the clip back in from behind. You will have to left the tape a little. Thank you, I am hoping to to a bluetooth mod on here, but then I need to get another bluetooth dongle, then i will have both my and aspire one equipped with bluetooth. I replaced the 8gb sdhc with 32gb sdhc and am now turning my attention on the inside. I found that intel is supposed to come out with a 16gb version any day now that could be a replacement for the 8gb but have also come across other PATA SSD drives.

Would they work? I have done the ram and bluetooth upgrade, and am trying to do the HDD swap. Now i had this driving running jusit fine in an external enclosure, and have attempted to use the thinner cable from my enclosure to connect it to the aspire one. My drive will not show up in the bios…. Is this an issue with the current bios, or my drive? I found that 8mm drives are easier and cheaper to obtain than the 5mm you used. Do you think it will fit? I would suggest you get a 5mm Drive. As far as I can see there is no difference to tnkgrls images concerning the available space inside the A1.

There are two models available. Except mine has a UK keyboard. Can you please name the model and brand for future reference. I would Advice you respond at the bottom of this thread, I believe He used the original cable that came with the system. Januar Unser Resultat: Die magisch-darke Wiedergeburt eines energetischen Charging-Fixsterns im Cockpit.

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Single, Pro und Jumbo. Dieses Vorlagen Paket steht allen iSale 3. Mac Integration. Die Integration und Verwendung von. Mac Photocasts in MediaCentral wird immer einfacher. Mac Fans. Das MediaCentral 2. MediaCentral can also be purchased at local Apple dealers as well as in the equinux. Platz des Technology Fast 50 Rankings. Platz auf der Rangliste der Spitzenunternehmen des Technolgie-Sektors Deutschlands und ist damit unter den Top 3 der bayerischen Teilnehmer.

Die neue Version bietet ein neues Vorlagen Paket sowie verbesserte Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Zudem wurde das Handling der Vorlagen-Vielfalt mit diesem Update grundlegend optimiert. Der Speicher wird ab nun weniger beansprucht, die Applikation wird dadurch schneller und effizienter. Weitere Informationen zu iSale und eine kostenlose Testversion gibt es auf der equinux Website. Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand: Das Cover wird beim Abspielen des Titels also immer mit angezeigt, egal mit welcher Soft- oder Hardware. Kompilationen werden jetzt korrekt als Alben ohne bestimmten Interpreten behandelt.

CoverScout kann im equinux Online Store sowie im Handel erworben werden. Weitere Informationen zu MediaCentral und eine kostenlose Testversion gibt es auf der equinux Website. MediaCentral kann im equinux Online Store sowie im Handel erworben werden. Die neue Version, iSale 3.

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Der Start-Prozess wurde grundlegend vereinfacht, so dass mit dem Erstellen und Verwalten von Auktionen in iSale schneller begonnen werden kann. Der Individualisierung von Mode-Auktionen steht somit nichts mehr im Weg. CoverScout - iTunes' bester Freund. Und hier kommt CoverScout ins Spiel. Mac Photocast streams. Besitzer eines. Mac-Photocast aufnehmen und wiedergeben. Einer erfolgreichen Diashow vor Freunden steht so nichts mehr im Weg. MediaCentral wurde weiter verbessert - optimierter Empfang und weiterentwickeltes Onscreen Display. Testen Sie MediaCentral 2.

Mac Pro - Der schnellste Mac aller Zeiten. Und das, ist so einiges. Pluspunkte sammelt der Mac Pro auch durch die neue Grafikeinheit. Rahmen, Hintergrund, Textfelder und Bildbereiche lassen sich frei gestalten. B auf einem eigenen Webserver oder in einem. Create your own templates". Kein Problem: Mit iSale 3. Damit machen Ihre Auktionen garantiert Eindruck!

Auch in anderen Bereichen haben wir iSale weiter optimiert. Einladung zum equinux iDay am Am Mittwoch, Erleben Sie die Produktdemonstrationen folgender Produkte: Intel powered. Ansehen, ausprobieren, mitnehmen. Unsere Profis beantworten alle Ihre Fragen. Die neue Version 3. Upgrades von vorhergehenden Versionen auf iSale 3 sind im equinux Online Store unter www. Ein Pinboard zeigt alle Auktionen auf einen Blick, indem die Photos der Auktion in einem Polariod mit einem Preisschild angezeigt werden. Eines der vielen Features ist die Amazon und Ebay Importfunktion. Ab sofort: Domains sind im Laufe der Jahre zu einem sehr knappen Gut geworden.

Nutzen Sie diese Chance und sichern Sie sich Ihre. Einladung zum equinux Serverday am Wir laden Sie herzlich zum Apple Serverday am Rendern, Rechnen und Simulieren. Paris - Besuchen Sie uns vom Am Freitag, 3. Juni ab Hierzu laden wir Sie sehr herzlich ein. Mandalay Bay vom Neue Funktionen steigern Effizienz und Reichweite des Programms. Ihr digitales Leben jetzt immer dabei - unterwegs im Auto, auf Partys oder am Baggersee. Mit iSale 1. Kostenloses Update mit neuen Features wie Integration von. Durch die Nutzung des. Auch lassen sich jetzt mehrere eBay Konten verwalten.

Eine iSale Demoversion kann man sich unter www. Neben einer verbesserten CD Erkennung wartet die neue Version mit einem optimierten User Interface und einem nutzerfreundlicherem Reaktionsverhalten auf. Die neue Version von TamTam steht ab sofort zum Download bereit: Faxe und Emails verschicken, empfangen und ausgeben lassen. Mac mini jetzt bei equinux. Der Mac mini. Alles, was Sie schon immer wollten und nichts, was Sie nicht brauchen.

TamTam 1. Mehr Informationen zu TamTam 1. Mehr Infos unter www.

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Relaunch der Website der Kroha GmbH. VPN Tracker 3 bietet viele neue Features: Checken Sie unsere tagesaktuelle Apple Preisliste. Wir haben den mini in einigen Farben auf Lager.

Apple Mac mini Hard Drive Upgrade (Early 2009)

Zugreifen, solange der Vorrat reicht! Mit dem neuen iPod hat Apple die vierte Generation des weltweit erfolgreichen portablen Digital Music Player vorgestellt. Zur tagesaktuellen Preisliste. Nicht mehr lange, dann ist der iPod mini endlich lieferbar! Wir liefern alle Farben zum unschlagbaren Preis von Euro ,00 inkl. Euro ,66 netto. Wir melden uns dann, so bald Ihr neuer Wegbegleiter bei uns eingetroffen ist! Ab sofort tagesaktuelle Apple Preise online. Mac-Reparaturen und iPod-Verlosung. This was not an upgrade for the timid. It took a couple of hours of work, and along the way I made a few missteps that slowed me down—the wrong screw here, improperly reading the instructions about where to tuck some power cables there.

By the time I went to bed last night, the server was up and running. It probably spent a few hours overnight rebuilding the Spotlight database and running some other backup checks, but by morning all of the housekeeping was done.