How to print word document with background color on mac

A color designed to match your template: Click the color well on the left, then select a color. If the color you want to remove extends from margin to margin, you can use this method to remove it.

How to Print Document With Background Color in Microsoft Word

If white selection handles appear around the text when you click it, the text is in a text box and you must remove the fill color. Select the paragraphs where you want to remove the background color.

Word for Mac can’t print backgrounds

In the Paragraph Background section, click the color well on the left, then click the swatch in the bottom-right corner with the diagonal line. Add a background color to text Select the text you want to highlight. Click or select the text. In the Font section, click the Character Styles pop-up menu and choose None. Add a background color to paragraphs Use this method when you want the color to extend from margin to margin as a block of color. Click the paragraph or select multiple paragraphs where you want the background color to appear.

Remove a background color from text

Remove background color from behind paragraphs If the color you want to remove extends from margin to margin, you can use this method to remove it. See also Track changes. Add and manage comments. It looks good on the screen, but the page color does not print, nor does it show up in the Quick Preview in the Print dialog box.

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What must I do to get the color to print? I'm prepared to use colored paper, although it seems wasteful to buy a pack of paper to use just one sheet.

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Well, I found the answer just moments after I posted. Anyway, problem solved. I changed that setting in Preferences, then did the Print command. Quick Preview shows the document just like I intended, but the printer output is not at all what I want.

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  4. The problem, it turns out, was with my printer settings Sorry for all this stream-of-consciousness posting! Got it all sorted out! Found the answer, but more problems. Tags for this Thread page color , word for mac. Got questions?

    Word How to Print Background Colors and Images of Current Document

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