How to find network storage on mac

You can also mount the drive as usual and then drag it to the dock.


Cannot connect to my NAS using Finder in El Capitan (Mac OS 10.11)

Networking on the mac is very bad. Sure you can do all you said, but it is always very slow. The first time you click on one of your shortcuts, it takes a while to mount in the background. On windows it is instant. One could guess though, that maybe the mac you are connecting to is a sleep and you are waiting for the drives to spin up… and become available to mount, while the widows box is not asleep and the drives are set not to sleep, there for available instantly!

Where as the windowsXPpro workstation up stairs takes about 20seconds to mount. Networking on widows is very bad…. Maybe you should upgrade that WinXp machine to an OS that has come out in the past decade. That might help. Your instructions worked perfectly and now I have mapped drives that stay connected. I chose the reconnect every time I reboot. Mounting a network drive works fine towards my Synology NAS system.

Mac OSX 10.7 & 10.8 - Show hard drive, USB flash drive, CDs, and other external devices on desktop

The problem I have is that I would like to change the user it connects with. Any idea how to get rid of that??? You probably need to dig into the keychain login identities, nuke the old one and then mount the volume using the new one. I wanted to replicate the network drive experience I have at work on Win 7 with network storage appearing as mounted hard drives.

It seems to me that it requires more trickery to simply view all of your available drives. It feels like they are trying very hard to obscure the nuts and bolts finding my hard drive to view it on my new mac was a challenge of how the Mac OS works from the user. Scares me for hard core Mac users.

Simple tasks are likely to become more complex and or buried in system settings. One question still. Every boot the network drive is automatically opened in a window. I want the network drive to be mounted, but I dont want the window to be automatically opened. How can I change this? Hey Marco.. Did you figure out how to disable finder from opening on login? Same thing is happening to me. Even if I go into the login items and check it to hide it still pops open. I tell you one thing… MAC and networks are so stinking finicky! I have the same issue.

If anyone knows the fix please let is know. Just a heads up on that. When you add the drives in Login Items, there is a check box under the Hide column.

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When you tick this, the connection to the shared drive is established, but it will not open up. Most of the computers where I work are PCs. They recently did something to the network and moved my H drive. They sent me this link to try to re-map it. Everything worked fine until I got to the login window and none of my old passwords work.

Log in and connect to the drive

Do they need to re-set passwords on their end? Hi I tried following these intructions however the system is asking me for a username and password, not sure which user name I am suppose to use here.

Connecting to a Network Drive on a Mac – Dornsife Technology Services

Can someone please help? Thanks for a very helpful post. One thing to note: I want to map a share on OSX For example: When it maps initially it opens a folder to this deeper point in the share, but if I close this Finder window I then have to re-drill down into the folder structure from the Finder sidebar. How can I map to the lower level folder and make it an Alias to leave on my desktop?

I have mounted a network folder successfully but I am unable to use it to save files or similar operations.

Map a network drive to Mac OS X that re-mounts after system reboot

I have tried mapping but unsuccessful. Can someone help on this. Check the server name or IP address, and then try again. If you continue to have problems, contact your system administrator. Can Mac make a folder turn into a volume so that it can be scanned? I can see the share, but only on mac in the network conects.

What is a network drive?

I have tried with all the others but for some reason username and password are not acepted. There are thousands of complains on the web, but Apple seems to be ignoring their high paying customers: Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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    October 13, at It is a great way to have central storage that everyone can use. NAS are useful for home users so they can share movies, music, files, or games across multiple computers within the same house, apartment block, dorm, or other sort of set up. Cheap to buy and simple to set up, they are very popular indeed.

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    • Cloud storage is the one most people have heard of it. Much like you can have different internet service providers, you can have different cloud storage service providers. Now let us get on with attaching one to your Mac. Once OS X finds a network drive, you will be able to connect to it and access the resources you have permission to access. We can configure OS X to automatically mount the drive in the future to save having to do this every time you want to access something.

      Mounting is the technical term for opening the drive to use it. As you enter the login details of the network drive you should see a new drive icon appear on your desktop. This will be the share. Now you can double click or right click to access the contents of that drive as you would any other.